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“Problem-solving doesn’t stop at one sector.”

Cara Urban, Founder and Principal

Our Approach

Multidisciplinary Management


Overset Consulting, LLC has a decade of experience in research and project management across agriculture, environmental policy, medical specialties, technical development, and so much more. Searching for solutions? Here’s the place to start.

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Services Offered

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Exploratory Research

Are you looking for a tool, a person, or a precedent? Overset works to find what you need by connecting to subject matter knowledge in multiple disciplines. If it’s out there, these analysis and search techniques will bring it home.

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Stakeholder Outreach

Draw on Overset’s experience coordinating the visions of diverse bipartisan groups, from farmers and members of the agricultural value chain, to doctors, academics, and public health experts, to state and national policy makers, and more.

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Project Management

From RFP to final vision, let an expert help you identify needs, understand risks and benefits, and plan how to get you there. Don’t worry — after the goal is clear, Overset stays with you and your team and keeps things on track to reach it.